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Urbanity GiveawayUrbanity Giveaway

It’s no secret that we love stationery. Yet, when Oprah says she loves something, we know it must really be neat! With products featured in O magazine and other major publications, we are so excited that Urbanity wants to give one of our readers a $50 gift certificate for anything in their store! And as if that wasn’t enough, the lucky winner can even apply the gift certificate to a custom design fee. With more than 300 designs for personalized stationerynotecards,  invitations for adultsand children, plus much more, there is something for everyone at Urbanity!

To enter for a chance to win this giveaway, simply visit Urbanity and find an item or two that you would buy with the gift certificate. Then share what items you love in a comment on this giveaway post. Make sure to get your comment in before midnight on Saturday (4/18). We will post the name of the randomly selected winner on Monday (4/20). *Please note that this contest is open only to United States residents. Shipping costs are the winner’s responsibility.*

Are you ready to shop? Great-head to Urbanity now!

Monica, Office with a View

Hello! Welcome to Office With a View. I’m Monica, living the dream at corporate office. My secret: a quirky obsession with office accessories and home decor.

At Office With a View, I share chic office accessories and random things that make me happy at the office and in life. I strive to find beautiful things for your 9 to 5. Pull up a (desk) chair and join in!

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  1. Angelica09 says:

    With this gift certificate I would purchase Sunflower Party invitation for my bridal party. This is so PERFECT. My theme is sunflowers. Sunflowers will be arrange by favors, cupcakes, and a cake. Thanks :)

  2. Lisa C says:

    I would buy the Butterfly Thank you cards or the personalized stationery with Pink Flowers. Thanks for hosting!

  3. wisekaren says:

    I’d buy my daughter the Hibiscus personalized stationery to encourage her to write us more letters from camp this summer!

  4. Mary Evans says:

    Just recently I was talking about how I would love to get copies of family recipes and exchange recipes with family members, and I discovered the perfect note card for exchanging recipes:
    It has cherries on it. So cheerful and sweet!

    I also love the strawberries!

  5. Elsie says:

    I grow poppies…the Thank You notes with Poppies on a spring blue background are stunning…and I could enclose a small packet of seeds too!

    How exciting and the design is sure to say thanks so much and dazzle!!

  6. I think that the Personalized Cherry Blossom cards are adorable! I also like the Thank You Note Wine Leaf Sage. Very nice!

  7. I would probably get the black and white monogram blank card. These would be great to use as thank you cards for our wedding.

  8. Pearls says:

    I love the Personalized Stationery Yellow Flowers. It would be cute to give my godmother who loves to send me letters.

  9. Redbettie says:

    The “Save the Date” postcards are so cute. They are not too traditional and I love that I don’t need to include a picture of us. The License Plate Yellow & Ruby is perfect, and it goes very well with our color scheme…

  10. Pink Argyle Stationary and the Wanted posters I would hold for something special! I thought I was the only one still writing letters with stationary!

  11. Sarah C says:

    I would probably get some personalized note cards with the cherry blossom design, and thank you cards with the poppy flowers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. kath says:

    I would buy theme party cards and some thank you notes as well.

  13. Personalized Note Card Spring Floral

    I am DESPRATELY in need of stationary and this woudl be perfect!

  14. Theresa Felts says:

    I would purchase a few of the flower bouquet note cards, and definitely get some personalized labels. I’d also like some of the acorn and cherry blossom note cards. This is a great site.

  15. Joni says:

    These are gorgeous! I love them.

  16. Angela L says:

    Thank you cards are so adorable. I’m person who loves to give thank you cards for any or little reason. I love the “Thank You Card Black Hummingbird”

  17. Stacy says:

    I like the Personalized Stationery Yellow Flowers.

  18. oona b says:

    I love the Poppy Thank You notecards, they are lovely. I also like the Cherry Blossom notecards.
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  19. Danielle says:

    I love the Pink Flower Bouquet Greeting Cards! I would love to win this giveaway!

  20. Thank You Card – Princess Crown
    Personalized Note Card Spring Floral
    Personalized Note Card – Cherry Blossom

  21. I would buy 50 of the bride silhouette on white bridal shower invites for my daughter’s upcoming wedding in october

  22. Carol says:

    I’d get 100 of these for the upcoming wedding of my son: Wedding Favor Sticker Circle Monogram Collection

  23. Katrina says:

    I like the Photo Birthday Invitation Pink Horizontal Stripes

  24. I like the Cherry Blossom cards you can personalize- but if I won- it would be hard to pick- I like almost everything she has!

  25. Clarissa says:

    I love the pink circle thank you notes!
    clarissa at digitaldeacons dot com

  26. love: Thank You notes with Poppies

  27. Brye says:

    Since I’m expecting I would probably do Whale birth announcements or Monkey baby shower or Thank you card in Poppy. So many decisions. This seems to be a great product!!!!!

  28. Lauren says:

    I like the butterfly thank you cards, they look great. ALways nice to have some on hand :D

  29. Without a doubt my favorite would be the Message in a Bottle Invitations – Retro. How adorable would that be for a pirate themed boy’s birthday party? Thanks for the great giveaway!!
    janeener at gmail dot com

  30. I would buy the Cherry Blossoms Personalized Note Cards & The Folded Thank you Card in Pink Lace.

  31. Dreamer says:

    I like the message in a bottle birthday invitations

  32. Oh, I’d definitely purchase some baby announcements….or maybe some grown up notecards. Thanks for the entry!

  33. Melanie says:

    I love the baby girl brown and pink birth announcement. We are expecting our first in a month and would love to use this Urbanity design! Wow!

  34. April says:

    I’d buy the Boy Photo Birthday Invitation – Bubbles to use for my son’s first birthday, coming up in just three months (yikes), and the Folded Thank You Note – Circle Monogram Collection.

  35. Prissy says:

    I love the Pink Argyle Stationary and the Cherry Blossom Notecards! There are so many cute things it’s hard to choose!

  36. Wehaf says:

    I like the cherry blossom personalized note cards, and the black and white monogram blank cards.

  37. i TOTALLY want the Message in a bottle blue argygle invitations for my sons “Surf/Beach themed birthday party!! Too cute!!

  38. Sara says:

    I like the Message in a Bottle Stationery – Pink Argyle

  39. I love the Cherry Blossom note cards! Actually I love everything…the floral greeting cards are fantastic.

  40. Kristen says:

    I love the photocard birth announcements.
    I’m a photographer and have twins (niece and nephew) on the way in about 3 weeks!

  41. scoomer says:

    I adore + would buy the Word Puzzle Thank You Card + the Personalized Note Card – Cherry Blossom!

  42. I would save this for my sons birthday party and do the confidential boy birthday invites, they are super neat!

  43. Kyoko says:

    I love the wine tags! My husband loves to give wine as gifts and I’m forever looking for nice ways to present it :)

  44. 5scoops says:

    I would buy the message in a bottle and the poppy flower thank yous

  45. I love the theme party invites (my husband is turning 30 and these would be great!!!) and the personalized cherry blossom note cards. :)


  46. I love the: Word Puzzle Thank You Cards, and the wine Bottle cards so clever!!! Thanks! , Kim

  47. Renee Campbell says:

    I would probably buy some of the Princess Crown Thank You cards since my daughter is having a birthday party soon–I’m nothing if not practical!

  48. i like the Word Puzzle Thank You Card

  49. jenna says:

    I would buy thank you cards for after our wedding in september. Thanks! I like the simplicity of your stuff.

  50. I would love to get several of the message in a bottle stationary!

  51. OmAng says:

    There are several that I like. I couldn’t pick one from the sticker labels to thank you notes. All of them and one point I will use. Then I remember my sister is turning 30 this year and I would like to get the birthday invites for my sister big 30th birthday bash party.

  52. Maria Donahue says:

    I would buy the personalized stationary and the the greeting cards; esp. the Pink Flower Bouquet Greeting Card (which is so pretty!). These are perfect.

    Thank you!!

  53. My wife would love these; esp. the personalized gift cards.

  54. liberty says:

    This is a great prize, I like the butterfly and cherry blossom cards.

  55. Jennifer Woosley says:

    I like the Thank You notes with Poppies and the the Personalized Note Card in Cherry Blossom.

  56. Shari says:

    The bouquet greeting cards are absolutely beautiful. I had to really look at them closely before I figured out it was really a greeting card and not an actual bouquet. I can think of several people that would love to receive a card that beautiful – it would be a keep! The selection of all the cards are lovely but these are my favorite:)

  57. I’d pick baby announcements…since my little guy is due in July. The Passport Baby Announcement in blue is my particular fave.

  58. Rachel C says:

    I would LOVE to win this to get the Photo Baby Announcement in Navy Stripe for my first little one, due in 2 weeks! Thanks so much!

  59. Birthday party Invitation Theatre is what i would get for my daughter’s upcoming 6th birthday

  60. xenia says:

    I would love to not have to take a whole bunch of time making birthday invitations for my daughter’s birthday party, so I’d probably choose either the Princess Frame Invitation or the Charmed Birthday Party Invitation. Thanks!

  61. Kimberly says:

    I like the Yellow Flower Bouquet Greeting Card and the Birthday Party Invitation (Theater).

  62. Shelli says:

    My picks would be the Yellow Flower Bouquet Greeting Card (beautiful), Message in a Bottle Stationery – Polka Dot (what a great way to make someones day!) and any of the thank you notes ,as it’s always good to be thankful to others.

  63. Roxy says:

    I would get Message in a Bottle Stationery – Pink Argyle and Beer Bottle Bachelorette Party Invitations

  64. Thanks for commenting and entering! The Urbanity giveaway has officially closed and the winner will be announced Monday, April 20. :)

    *Britt & Mon*

  65. Debbie Colleen Quinn says:

    Well, I am torn between two wedding invitation/thank you card designs.

    I love the wine leaf one (cream background with the dusty rose leaves). But, the leaf pattern one is great, too (olive-gold background with the burgundy and cream leaves). Both are exquisite.

    My beloved (Gregory Ricards) and I will be getting married on October 10, 2010 (10/10/10) – probably at 10:10 a.m. How about that!

    Thank you,

    Debbie Quinn (amatillado@yahoo.c0m)

  66. stephanie says:

    I would purchase the calla lilly wedding invitatios for my wedding on 8/21/10

  67. Amanda Hume says:

    If I won, I would buy the Unique Wedding Invitation Cherry Blossom. The design is lovely and would really appeal to everyone I know. They would be a great way to announce my upcoming marriage.

  68. Virginia says:

    I would love to have a $50 giftcard to get invitations for my bachelorette party! Pink and Green is the theme colors!

  69. jazmine says:

    I am having a beach wedding with an aquarium reception! What better way to notify our guests than with a beach themed invitation!
    Beach Wedding Invitations – Sand Dollar – 1539a

  70. I love the Wedding Invitation “Rustic Garden”…funny because I called the location of our wedding just that! It must be fate :) I’m having a very small wedding because of the cost, so every little bit would be a tremendous help! And I would be sooo grateful. I’d also like to post this website on my blog! Thanks and good luck to all the brides!

  71. I would get Black and White Wedding Invitation Birds for my wedding invites.

  72. I am actually kind of torn between two products and not sure which one I would use my gift card on. I think that I would probably use it to buy the bachelorette Party Invitation called Stars! I love the way these look! It is simple but fun and would be a perfect fit for a bachelorette party invitation for my personality. Although I also really like the Folded Personalized Stationery called Garden! They would be the perfect thank you cards for my wedding since it will be held outside in a garden! It would be a tough decision for me to have to pick between the two!

  73. Rebecca mora says:

    omg Urbanity’s save the dates birds!!! i saw it on the page and its stunning i can just imagine that in my guests hands when they open it! & bridal shower silohuette…..DROP DEAD GORGEOUS & 100% ME!

  74. Natalie says:

    I would get the Modern Teal save the dates, invites, and Menus. If I had a gift card I would put it toward all 3 so I would have a continuity in my paper.

  75. Danielle Plisz says:

    I love the Black and White Wedding Invitation Birds – 511a!

  76. Tristen Dennis says:

    My mom and Stepdad want to get married in July and my mom wants to do a black and white theme so I think the ‘Black and white delight’ would be absolutely PERFECT! I really want them to be able to have their dream wedding even though at the moment they’re having finance problems . Thank you

  77. Oh, you’re right! Those messages in bottles are adorable! I’d buy them, for sure!

  78. bobbie says:

    I would by with this certificate Wedding invitations humming birdd blue, except I would change the colors. My fiance just got laid off work so this would help us a lot and we are doing everything ourselves, these would be nice to send out. thank you

  79. Samantha says:

    I would LOVE to use the modern response cards and invites for my wedding :)

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