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Mail makes us happy. Catalogs, cards, packages, well-most mail, maybe not definitely not bills. But there’s just something about receiving unexpected items that brightens the day. So when The Paper Cafe and Three Designing Women invited us to check out this custom stamp, perfect for addressing mail and more, we were beyond thrilled! We were even more excited that they want to give one of our readers their own stamp, colored ink pad and coordinating notepad, too! How fun! Here are just a few of our favorites from the Three Designing Women custom stamps collection:

In addition to making even mundane envelopes and cardstock more fun, the fact that these are self-inking makes them mess-free and super easy to use. So, which stamper will you pick out if you win? There are 100+ (yay!) designs to choose from, and there are also nine ink colors. And the coordinating stationery, oh my! Look at these chic note cards and announcements just waiting to feature your customized monogram:

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see who will win this fab. prize set. Visit The Paper Cafe and find a Three Designing Women custom stamp that you love. Then share your favorite(s) in a comment on this giveaway post. Make sure to get your comment in before midnight on Sunday (03/07). We will post the name of the randomly selected winner on Monday (03/08), and stay tuned for a special discount that will be offered especially for our Office with a View readers… to be announced at the conclusion of the giveaway. *Please note that this contest is open only to United States residents due to shipping costs. Sorry.

We hope *you* win, so head over to The Paper Cafe now, and then leave a comment about your favorite stamp design here! Thanks so much to The Paper Cafe and Three Designing Women for this fun giveaway!

Monica, Office with a View

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At Office With a View, I share chic office accessories and random things that make me happy at the office and in life. I strive to find beautiful things for your 9 to 5. Pull up a (desk) chair and join in!

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  1. I like this one:

    and this one:

    and this one:

    ok…and this one:

    Ahh! They’re just all so cute! It’s hard to pick :)

  2. I adore stationery and stampers and well anything customized! :) This is a great giveaway! I really like the first set of cards with the green and white links-very chic.

    For stampers, I truly mean it when I say they are ALL so amazing! It would be hard to choose just one design. These are my top favs:

  3. Sarah says:

    I love them all! But I think these two are my favs

    Customized stamps would make such a great gift -must remember that ;)

  4. kari says:

    So many great ones. I really like the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3219 Spoons (, but I think I want about 5.

  5. Chance says:

    I like a lot of them, but these two are my favorite!

  6. Chance says:

    oops! I left my wrong e-mail address!

  7. Lori says:

    So many fabulous choices! These stamps would be great for so many things. Here are my favorites:

  8. I LOVE these! And I’m totally in need of one because my boyfriend and I just bought our first house and now we won’t have to worry about changing our address every 6 months!

    These are my favorites:

    … in no particular order. Lovelovelove!

  9. I love the CS3251. It’s whimsical and classic at the same time. I also adore cs3283.

  10. I love the Daisy/Flower, Lady bug and the cupcake! :)

  11. What a generous giveaway! I don’t have any stampers yet so winning this would be so great! My top favorite three are,

    CS3232 -From the Kitchen of Stamper

    CS3302-Monogram Stamper

    CS3504MC-Merry Christmas Stamper

    My top favorite if I had to pick would probably be the CS3302 Monogram Stamper! It’s so classic and I could use it on just about anything! We’re getting married soon and it would be nice to stamp the back of our wedding invites, thank you cards, and just about everything else with this monogram stamper!

  12. So many are awesome! If I have to pick one I’d get TDW Custom Stamper CS-3202 but I’d also love one with my blog info. Great contest!

  13. Gale says:

    I love the 3302 Monogram Stamper best of all!!

  14. What a wonderful giveaway! As a paper crafter, this one ROCKS!!

  15. jaime says:

    I love christmas—so i think the merry christmas stamper

  16. Merrie L. says:

    I like the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3512 Merry Christmas. My son adores trains!

  17. TDW Custom Stamper CS-3291

    That is just one that I LOVE! This is the best giveaway! I am a monogram addict. I’m pretty sure this is a good thing to be addicted to.

  18. Carol W. says:

    My favorite is the CS-3286. I like its simplicity.

  19. Amy Milner says:

    These are incredible stamps and it is time for me to take my hobby up again!

  20. Georgiana O. says:
  21. Jamie says:

    They are all fabulous, but these are my favs!! *crossing my fingers*

  22. Wehaf says:

    I love TDW Custom Stamper CS-3240!

  23. trixx says:

    I like the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3229 and TDW Custom Stamper CS-3233; both are so elegant!

  24. It’s impossible to choose one favorite, but one of my faves is TDW Custom Stamper CS-3267 Gift (The Happy Birthday one).

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  25. Wow! Who knew there were so many cool stampers. No way I could only pick one favorite. Love the holiday snowflake, Merry Christmas tree, and for everyday the CS 3238.
    Hope I’m the lucky winner of this great giveaway!

  26. I LOVE cs3263!

  27. Beth Monson says:

    I like the TDW Monogram stamper. Classy! :)

  28. Marci says:

    I love the TDW Monogram Stamper 3114. Beautiful!

  29. Lisa R says:

    I like this one

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  30. Beth says:

    TDW Monogram Stamper 3112

  31. Debbie Colleen Quinn says:

    I really like the custom stamps – 3114 and CS-3229.

    They are just great!


    Debbie Quinn

  32. What I like is that you have a lot of choices, I couldn’t stick to one!
    Anyway, this seems just perfect!

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