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Aren’t these patterns pretty? Would you believe us if we told you these are all on clipboards? Really- it’s true, and that old brown clipboard you have should be ashamed of itself! :) Click on the patterns above to see each pretty clipboard. Wouldn’t these make great gifts for a friend (or yourself)?


*Britt & Mon*


{Photos from left to right: Layla Grace, Layla Grace, Charming Cards, Layla Grace, Sorting With Style, Sorting With Style, Plum Party, Charming Cards, Swoozie’s, Red Stamp, Swoozie’s, Violet.}

4 thoughts on “*Pretty Patterns… Unlikely Object*

  1. Love the clipboards. I still have my hand-painted one from 4th grade! Again, thank you so much for supporting us at Red Stamp. Look for Office with a View on our blogroll when we re-launch our blog next week!

  2. Hi Lindsay! That is *awesome* that you still have a clipboard from elementary school- I bet it is beautiful! :) Thanks for the add on Redstamp’s blogroll! We’ll be on the lookout for new posts on your blog- can’t wait to see it. :)

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