*Paper Piles~ Meet Pretty Paperweights*

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{Photos from See Jane Work and Red Stamp}


Won’t these pretty paperweights make those stacks of papers on your desk look more inviting? :) Well, maybe “inviting” is a bit much, but at least there will be bright pops of color on your to-do’s. See Jane Work and Red Stamp have gorgeous paperweights that will liven up any desk- even if it’s covered up by papers.

Which one is calling out your name (or first initial)? 

*Britt & Mon*

Monica, Office with a View

Hello! Welcome to Office With a View. I’m Monica, living the dream at corporate office. My secret: a quirky obsession with office accessories and home decor.

At Office With a View, I share chic office accessories and random things that make me happy at the office and in life. I strive to find beautiful things for your 9 to 5. Pull up a (desk) chair and join in!

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  1. Thanks so much for this great post. *Love* your brilliant blog!

  2. Lindsay, thanks for saying hello and visiting our blog! We are glad you enjoyed the paperweights. :)

  3. I love these colorful paperweights. I wish they would make something like this in a magnet. They would look so cute on my file cabinet. Love the blog!

  4. Hi friend! So glad you liked the paperweights! We were trying to decide what to post tomorrow, so how about pretty magnets? :) There are a bunch of really cute ones! Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for saying hi!

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