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What are your weekend guilty pleasures? Mine? Magazines, Pinterest and Netflix!

This weekend my thoughts were focused on the future… I’m planning to buy a house in the upcoming months! The process has been enlightening thus far as a first-time buyer. I’ve learned that fixer-uppers are surprisingly complicated to finance. I’ve “lost” a house in my ideal location to another buyer (darn). Yet, now I feel even more educated on the process and ready to make a move when the next house comes to market! What fun it will be to decorate and settle in to my first official home.

Through several moves during my college and early career years, I have managed to hoard my favorite magazine of all time: Domino! Discovering this fab mag back in 2005, I loved Domino so much I kept nearly every issue. When it was shuttered back in early 2009, my heart dropped. Imagine the excitement of nostalgic lovers like me when Domino relaunched in 2013 with a web and quarterly print presence.

Domino Magazine (Image by Office with a View){Via Office with a View}

Digging through past and present spring/summer issues (far left was the very first issue of Domino and far right is the current quarterly issue), I’m getting inspired for my upcoming decorating projects (and future travels, too). A few of my favorites : :

Looking forward to sharing upcoming adventures with you!


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