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It’s wedding season at my office, and you know what that means: party time! So far we’ve hosted two showers in the last two weeks, and we’ll be hosting another in about two more weeks. If you like helping with parties and office cultural events, here are some basic tips on how to throw a fabulous office party, shower or event. Obviously depending on the scope of your event, make adjustments to ensure your party is a success (On average, we have about 30 people in attendance at our team parties.) Lately, we’ve gathered inspiration from Pinterest before planning our office events and appetizers. Are you obsessed with Pinning like me? :) Here are a couple pins and then recaps of how our parties turned out:

We started with inspiration from this  Wine and Cheese wedding shower theme pin for the couple honeymooning in Napa Valley:

Pinned Image{Image source: Pinterest Wine and Cheese Party and Rock UR Party}

And here’s how our Office Wedding Shower: Wine and Cheese Theme turned out:

{Image Source: Office With a View}

We loved the look of the black butcher paper and chalk and were obsessed with the skewered fruit, and cheese and pepperoni. For the wedding shower game, we reached out to the bride ahead of time and asked her to answer 10 questions that her groom should know about her. During the shower, we put the groom on the spot in an “Almost Newly Wed” game. It was funny but not too hard on the couple, and we all learned a little more about them and how they met.

For another shower, we put together a yellow and gray theme like this pin, but customized with milkshakes and burgers for the soon-to-be bride who loves burgers-ha! The inspiration pin:

I love the outdoor garden party and a lemonade/ ice tea stand.{Image Source: Lemonade Party Pin on Pinterest}

And here’s how our Office Wedding Shower: Gray and yellow theme with milkshakes and burgers turned out:

{Image Source: Office With a View}

We loved the gray striped paper straws that we found on Amazon, and the homemade milkshakes were really fun too. For this shower, we also surprised the bride with a ribbon bouquet that she could use during her wedding rehearsal. We also compiled some of our favorite personal and Pinterest recipes in a yellow and gray binder for the couple. For the shower game, we played Bridal Bingo with a few words about the couple and their wedding, along with the template wedding words on Print-Bingo.com. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of shower games, but this was painless and I think everyone had fun during the few minutes we played.

So that’s how our office weddings showers have gone down in the last few weeks. :) Are you ready to plan an office party? Here are  some simple tips to help make your office event a success.

Hosting an Office Party or Team Event:

1. Find a co-host or team that will help you brainstorm the party plan and execute the vision on the event day. Create a Google doc or Word Doc where the host team members can share ideas and coordinate the event details.

2. Determine the date, time, location, and theme/ color scheme of the event. Check with the guest(s) of honor to see what they like, whether colors or type of food. Then run with those ideas.

3. After confirming the event date and time with the honoree, block the event time off on all requested attendee’s calendars.

4. Check Pinterest, Blogs and Google Images for party inspiration

5. After determining color scheme/theme, send out invitations to all requested attendees including information about the event and a link to the honoree’s gift registry if desired. Punchbowl is a nice party planning and digital card option, and Amazing Registry is an easy way to check and see if your honoree has  a gift registry.

5. Make a list of all items needed to make the party a success, from decor to food and drinks.

6. Plan any special games or presentations that will take place during the event.

7. Two to Three weeks before the event, check your party list again and ensure any items that will need to be bought and mailed have been noted or taken care of such as:

  • Appetizers/food
  • Drinks
  • Plates, Silverware, Napkins, Cups, Skewers, etc.
  • Serving plates, trays, punchbowl, spoons, tongs, etc.
  • Card signed by the team/office
  • Team gift and/or individual gifts
  • Table Decor (Fabric or tablecloth, Pictures of the honoree if desired, any other decorations)
  • Background music if desired

(Again, depending on the scope of your event, you may want to adjust your follow-up time)

8. One to two weeks before the event, secure any food orders as needed (Cake, Catering).

9. Three days before the event, regroup with your co-hosts and ensure all items are gathered and ordered. Gather any items that you can ahead of time to ensure you aren’t scrambling the day of the event.

10. Depending on the scope  of the event, arrive as early as possible to set-up the party. Ensure a few team members will be available to help you pull the event together… it takes a village. At least three days before the event, designate who will pick up the cake, food or any other day-of-event pick-ups. As the host/co-host, you will be busy setting up and will need that support.

11. Once everything is set-up, be sure to take pictures of the pre-shower, as well as during! I didn’t get as many good pictures of our most recent shower because set-up time took longer than expected. Be sure to delegate photography to a team member since you’ll be busy hosting the party, leading the game, etc. :) You can’t do it all! :)

12. Enjoy the party with the guests of honor and your team!

13. After tear-down and cleanup, set aside a coffee break or lunch with your party hosts to discuss how the event went, and determine if anything could be changed to make future office events even more successful.

14. Have any other office party tips or favorite themes, games, etc.? Please do share in the comments! Best Wishes for a fabulous office party/ wedding shower/celebration! :)

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