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I’m so excited that today my Office With a View joined in for  One Day #WithoutShoes, a global event inspired by TOMS Shoes. We’re helping  drive further awareness of the harsh reality that millions of children have not one single pair of shoes. This can put them at serious risk for debilitating and disfiguring diseases, as well as missed opportunities like education.  Do you stare at your shoe options each morning like me, trying to decide which shade looks best with your office outfit? Me too. For this One Day, April 10, 2012, it just seemed simple to go without and take part in this global event, driving awarness and education about a global need.

Today, we’re taking a step forward in thinking and talking about how to help children around the world with needed resources. Join us by simply taking off your shoes today, and learning about One Day. Think about what it would be like, and where you can donate resources or time globally or locally to help children.

We’re going One Day #WithoutShoes so kids don’t have to.

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