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I’m finally getting settled into my new-ish Office With a View. While I still need to find at least one picture for the wall behind my desk, my framed bulletin board is up and I love it! My friend saw me eyeing this bulletin board at Hobby Lobby, and she bought it for my birthday, with 40% off coupon-fab! They often have this coupon (plus generally at least one collection in the store is 50% off) at Hobby Lobby’s Weekly Deals.

My favorite part about the bulletin board is being able to more nicely display my Susy Jack Wall Art Calendar. Isn’t it pretty? I also quite literally pinned some of my favorite campaign mementos, and also productivity quotes that I found on Pinterest like “Let’s Do This!” by Heartfish Press, “Plan Plan Plan Action” source unknown, and “Being Happy is Productive” source unknown.

Next on my to-do list: order the Let’s Do this Print! Oh, and if you know the source of those two other quotes, let me know! They are perfectly motivational. How do you motivate yourself at work? Do you have any quotes that you live by?

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  1. Love your bulletin board! I also have a bulletin/mood board in my office with everything from little mementos to reminders and then some – all pinned with cute ladybug Brighton push pins. A stylish bulletin board is a must!

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