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How do you bring out your best work? I’m on a big deadline this week and have applied a couple of strategies to bring success:

1. Set Achievable, Time-Bound Goals (From the S.M.A.R.T. method). I’m a hard worker but struggle to turn things in if they aren’t perfect. So, eventually, I press up against deadlines and have to push myself to give them in… setting smaller achievable goals throughout a larger project helps me to meet the deadline, while being encouraged by the “small wins”of forward motion and progress.

2. “Heads-Down,” off-site “desk-time.” Being an Operations team member, I hear or see needs my office and colleagues have throughout the day and can’t help but attempt to fix things right away. But, when on a big deadline I have to be selfish and keep focused on my own project. So, I block my calendar for an hour or two at a time and work on project sprints, with clear deadlines for myself to complete a significant piece of the project. Much of the time of hunker down at my desk with my fave Pandora station drowning out distractions, or other times I head to Starbucks to get a little boost of caffeine and colleague-free work time. :)

What’s your best strategy for bring out your best work? Pray, do tell!

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