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One jewel that found me in 2019? This 1913 Calendar of the Brighter Side. Exploring an estate sale at a beautiful Maple Ridge historic home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the boxed calendar caught my eye. Intrigued, (as an obvious lover of calendars, words, and treasures) I was drawn in by each page. Week by week, the pages featured a quote to inspire the week… I can’t help but wonder who owned this calendar in 1913. What were the days like for them as they turned the pages week after week? I wonder who else couldn’t bear to part with it, year after year… I’m grateful they, too, saw its value.

Each month this year, I’ll plan to share at least one quote from this treasure. Welcome to January 01, 2020. May these inspired words from January 01, 1913 hold true for you today and each day in 2020:

Calendar of the Brighter Side by Barse & Hopkins (Copyright 1911).

What treasures found in 2019 will you hold onto in 2020 and beyond?

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