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While reading the ever great blog Decor8 last week, we noticed a wonderful idea that Holly suggested. She invited everyone to join her in sending a “just because” card to ten people in our lives. We got to thinking about this, and it just sounds like such a great idea, especially with the holidays just around the corner. Wouldn’t it be nice to send some cards to people that have made a difference in our lives this year? Life is so crazy busy sometimes, but that’s what makes it even more special when someone takes a few minutes to stop and think about somebody else. Really, when was the last time someone sent you a card, just because? Well, here is a wonderful opportunity to do just that for someone else! Will you join us in sending ten cards to people that you care about? Oh good! Won’t this be fun? If you need some pretty cards, head on over to Sycamore Street Press! 


*Britt & Mon*

1 thought on “*Great Job On That Thing You Did*

  1. I love this idea! It makes me smile to know someone thought of me.

    I hope this is okay and I am NOT selling anything. I just found out about an awesome company called Send Out Cards. You do it online and they send an actual card in 1 day.

    I have a friend who’s husband was diagnosed with a “rare and rapid” cancer. With two little ones, it would take me a week to get to the store to pick out a card, find the stamps, and actually write something. With this, I sat down and sent a card within 5 minutes. Plus, it’s inexpensive…less than $1.50 for a nice glossy card including postage.

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