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Out with the old, in with the new! Bring in the New Year with organized chaos or even in total organization. :) Whether you are scheduling meetings and deadlines or simply quality time with family and friends, the Mini Smartdate planner set and corresponding desktop letterpress calendar from Russell + Hazel will help you to start 2009 off right! For a chance to win this awesome planning set, just leave a comment on this post before midnight on Saturday (01/03). Tell us what you love most at Russell + Hazel (what’s not to love? :) ) and on Monday, (01/05) we will post the name of the randomly selected winner! *Please not that this contest is only open to United States residents due to shipping costs. *

49 thoughts on “*Giveaway from Russell + Hazel* (closed)

  1. love this giveaway. especially because i love planners on paper so much better than the computer. something about writing it down helps to stay organized. the item i like most is Field Books Set of 12. so fun to have a book to fill with notes and sketches and lists one for each month of the year.

  2. I love the wedding planner. Looks like I’m going to be needing it in the next year or so.. (Shhh… No one knows this yet! Waiting to let the cat out of the bag in a few months)

    Great giveaway item! I need something to help set up my life a bit better…

    Thanks a ton!

  3. Great giveaway. I am trying to find a good planner or design one myself. So let’s see what do I like…too many things to choose from. I love the rubber band set, the finishing touches set by Audrey, and the Stendig calendar.

  4. My favorite item is actually the miniplanner, it’s set up a little differently then most of the ones out there. I need a planner to keep my family schedule and review/giveaway schedule organized.
    Other than that I also really like the recipe binder.

  5. Thanks for a great giveaway! I would love to win this! Its so stylish but I could never afford it for myself. From their site I LOVE the Audrey Fine Finishing Touches

  6. Just discovered your blog – I love really cool organizers that have personality! Keeping my fingers crossed to be the lucky winner – in the meantime will definately be a regular visitor here! You guys have great taste!

  7. I LOVE russel + hazel, i visit their store in Minneapolis every chance I get. I am also a huge fan of their mini smart date calendar, I use it for my academic assignments and appointments. I also bought the wedding notebook set for my sister as an engagement present :) what a fun giveaway!

  8. I would love to win one of these because it can organize everything very easily. I really like all of the Russell & Hazel products, they work well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. I love how the mini smartdate set allows you to focus on the month & the day together or separately – love it! And the colors are fabulous!

  10. This great organizational set of office tools would help me keep my new year’s resolution of becoming more organized in my (just starting) small business. Thanks for the opportunity to have a chance at winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  11. I love everything, but my favorite is the Audrey Expanding Five-File Tote in black. Instead of carrying plain file folders under my arm for a meeting, I would arrive in style! What a fun way to kick off the new year!

  12. I love the Audrey Expanding Five-file and 8-file Totes in black, and elegant and sophisticated way to carry all those messy papers. I also love the personalized embosser. :)

  13. Looks like this might just get me on a great start at being more organized this year. Love the mini planner set! Your stuff is always so cool.

  14. What a great package to start off the year on the right foot! There’s something so final and important about a fancy calendar and ledger that ups the ante of a to-do list.

  15. I remember when…I was free of all responsibility…then I grew up. Yep, just call me anal, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I LOVE being organized…and cannot live without my daily organizer. Paper please! :-]

  16. I really like the 365 Days – 12 months of daily adhesive notes. I use a piece of paper virtually every day anyway and this would be a wonderful daily reminder for me to organize my day before I begin.


  17. Organize?? Well, this is exactly what I need. Please help me finally organize this year..it’ll be a first. Plus, the datebook and calendar are so easy to READ!!

  18. Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for commenting and entering! The Russell + Hazel giveaway has officially closed and the winner will be announced Monday, January 05. Thanks again to Russell + Hazel for this stylish and functional giveaway set!

    *Britt & Mon*

  19. R+H is amazing simply because it’s simple. For some reason, it’s easy to find products that are way too overdone and overkill, but it’s difficult to find something simple and elegant like R+H! Everything they carry looks beautiful :)

  20. Russell + Hazel rocks! All its products are super-cool. If I win, the giveaway will change me from a disheveled, lackadaisical individual to an inspired, organized person.

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