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Truth. Now more than ever, we have boundless sources of information. Yet, truth seems ever-more evasive. It’s strange. It’s uncomfortable. Or is it? I hope I’ll never fail to seek out truth with sincerity and humility– even when it’s easier to assume, shrug, and skip over truth.

Welcome to February 2020. May these inspired words from February 02, 1913 (a 1913 Calendar of the Brighter Side) echo in our minds today and each day in 2020:

Calendar of the Brighter Side by Barse & Hopkins (Copyright 1911).
“Strength of Conviction: Wait not ’till you are backed by numbers. Wait not until you are sure of an echo from a crowd. The fewer the voices on the side of truth, the more distinct and strong must be your own.” -William E. Channing

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