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*Fabulous Office: Morris + King Company*

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The Morris + King Company

The Morris + King Company Reception Area


The Morris + King Company Blue Ice-Cubicle


Lite Brite Neon Morris + King Company


Morris + King Company Rumpus Room


Morris + King Company Judith R. King's Office


If your office needs some inspiration, check out The Morris + King Company’s space! As one of the leading independent PR and marketing firms, The Morris + King Company recently completed a renovation of its offices. Located in New York City, this firm takes “cool” to a whole new level. This fabulous office transformation took place under the direction and vision of Judith R. King (Partner and Principal of the Morris + King Company), and with the assistance of David Alhadeff, a leader of the avant-garde movement in furniture design and owner of The Future Perfect.

Clearly, creative people work at The Morris + King Company! Each element of the redesign creates an incredible ambiance. From the vibrant hues and rays of the Neon area, to the calm and collected Blue Ice-Cubicle, who wouldn’t want to work in a space like The Morris + King Company’s office?  Don’t you think the world would be a better place if all cubicles were like the Blue Ice-Cubicle? :) We certainly do!

{Photos Courtesy of Elizabeth Hanske and The Morris +  King Company}

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    Its hideous. How can you expect someone to work in a living room?

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