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{Photos from Anna Griffin}

Oh my! If you are looking for a chic gift for a co-worker or friend, Anna Griffin has so many beautiful things! We especially adore these black, white and pink office accessories. This set is definitely the *good* kind of matchy-matchy gift, if you know what we mean. (If you have never gotten an awkward, matching sweater/gift like your sibling or another relative for Christmas, feel very, very lucky :) ). But seriously, you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous gifts. Visit Anna Griffin for laptop totes, office accessories, stationery and more! 


*Britt & Mon*

2 thoughts on “*Chic Office Gifts: Beautiful Things by Anna Griffin*

  1. It’s nice to see that good, old fashioned stationary hasn’t been completely supplanted by the ubiquitous yellow Post-it note and legal pad.

    That’s a gorgeous gift set. Somehow, it always makes me feel more organized and productive when I have nice things in my office.

    Daisy McCarty

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