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They always said, “Time moves faster and faster the older you become.” I’m finding it ever true this year. Are you?

It hit me this week, as the fireworks crackled all around and especially when I launched a Q3 project (Q3, guys!) at my desk. 2018 is more than halfway complete. Just like that. Halfway gone. Presto. There were so many things I set out to accomplish in January, 2018. Work goals, personal goals, home improvement and running goals…

As time continues to fritter away, I’m curious about the viability of reaching all┬ásome things I set out to do this year. I’ve taken some seriously surprising risks. I’ve celebrated some successes. I’ve failed in many ways, too. I’ve taken three steps forward and five steps backward. But, deep down, I think I believe it’s still possible. One thing I know without a doubt? I’ll keep trying to make progress. Join me?

Believe you can…

And Just Like That… We’re Halfway through Another Year

Do you (still) believe you can achieve your 2018 goals?

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